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  • Welcome to Oceans and Dreams -
    The art of Lee Mothes

    The details and particulars in my paintings are often taken from my photos. A dramatic Midwestern sky might be juxtaposed over a wild and early California coastline, with an especially charming old farmhouse plunked down on the beach (complete with a glad- or geranium-filled flower garden), there may be toys strewn about -- usually there's some surf. There's a little something for everyone!
  • Relocate without leaving home...
    The Commonwealth of New Island

    I've thought about "where" for so long that the idea of an imaginary place took hold. After many years of mulling it over and playing around, I've developed it -- and continue to develop it -- into a real imaginary place called New Island.

  • Email: MothesArt @ gmail.com

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